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Automatic Email Manager has been providing us with creative routing and printing flexibility that no other product can match. We have been using this since Version 3, 2008. Version 5 has some great new features, including a new scheduling feature that allows us new options previously not available. Support is always highly responsive. A great value for a serious email management tool.

IT Manager - Bluewater Vacation Rentals - North Carolina - USA

Quoi de neuf dans cette version 6 ?

La version 6 est disponible pour tous, vous pouvez l'installer sur votre ordinateur ou votre serveur avec n'importe quelle autre version installée côte à côte, il y a un processus de mise à jour des données de la version 5, à tout moment vous pouvez désinstaller cette version 6 et continuer à utiliser votre version.
Nous vous avons envoyé un email contenant les informations pour la mise à jour de votre version vers cette nouvelle, si vous ne le trouvez pas merci de nous contacter ».

New features for the accounts

  • Connection to Exchange server 2007 / 2010 / 2013.
  • Connection to Office 365.
  • Local emails from Outlook database.
  • URL capture: Take a snapshot of a web page at regular interval and do actions (print, save in pdf,...).
  • RSS capture: Download a RSS at regular interval and do actions (print, save in pdf,...).
  • Scheduler for account checking, you can set the days and time slot the account is checked.
  • You can pause each account indepently (instead of pausing all accounts).

New emails functions

  • Now save attachments in a message which is already an attachment of another message.
  • Uncompress attachment file like ZIP, TAR, RAR, GZip, 7Zip.
  • Email functions now have a direct send Email, with still reply and forward.
  • You can Send and Reply an email in html format if the template include a flag <html> or <!-- html format -->.
  • You can now forward an email as attachment.
  • send emails with specific language, now encoding in UTF-8...

Filters improvments

  • Added new rule on email body data (for example, if email body contains #order then print it).
  • Added new rule on attachment name (for example, if a specific attachment name is include then backup it).
  • Scheduler for filter, you can set the days and time slot the filter is active.
  • A rule can be optional or mandatory (like operator AND/OR).
  • Added new operators: Start with, Doesn't start with, End with, Doesn't end with.
  • Now rule Recipient include the test on fields To, Bcc and Cc.
  • You can set the filter order for analyze priority.

And printing?

  • Word and Excel documents are now printed with full control (like Excel sheets choice, convertion in PDF,...).
  • You can add stamps when printing emails and some attachments, add page number, timestamp, approved stamp,...
  • New printer properties like Duplex selection, page range, quality, print in gray, collapse copies.
  • You can choose a generic default printer (even if default printer changes at each Windows start, it will use always the default).

Backup, something new?

  • Attachment Word and Excel documents can be converted in PDF.
  • Can save emails in PDF, EML, MSG, image PNG, Tif, JPeg.
  • Merge in a single PDF email body and attachments when it is possible.

Is it all? Nooooo...

  • Windows Service works better with multiple Windows session opened.
  • Windows Service always start, option Starts When Windows start is only for UI now.
  • New variables for fields in messages, files, Print job like date, random number,...
  • A full visual statistic module.
  • You can set restricted access (Admin) for any functions like filters, activities, options,...
  • White list extension for attachment improved for printing and backup (each function has his own list and can include file name). You can also force to use filename (use #MyFile1.xls#).
  • And much more...

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