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How to print emails automatically

Recevez vos emails directement sur vos imprimantes

Vous désirez revendre Automatic Email Manager?

Here the business partnerships we actually purpose between Namtuk and your company for the software ‘Automatic Email Manager’. If you prefer other solutions which are more appropriate to your type of market, then you can definitely submit to us your ideas.


Do you have a web site? Register as an affiliate with "Namtuk". As an affiliate, you will be able to market our products by placing links on your Web site to the relevant product pages on the Web site. You will receive 20% commission for each sale of these products through the Web site. It is really easy to set up and only takes around 2 minutes:

Resale software via bulk order

Get discount prices on quantity for each order (done automatically when you order and set the quantity), when ordering 10 or more licenses you will have a private online access to generate the purchased license ‘on the demand’, easy to use you will generate the license only when you need it. With this method you can purchase license in quantity and resell the price you want to your customer.

Branding options

Automatic Email Manager can be sold under your own application name and icons to reflect your own brand, please find below the options we are offering actually. For special needs just contact us and expose it.
Note: Minimum order for branding is 50 units.

Option 1 - one time cost is only $299

1. Application main window title
2. Icon in Windows tray, in task bar for main window and in desktop for shortcut (256 color)
3. Image in main window command bar (image size 69X48 with transparent background in GIF or PNG)
4. Live update enable or disable

White branding

Option 2 (include option 1) - one time cost is $399

1. Image in the window about (image size 550 X 115, in JPEG or PNG, this image should contain this text: Powered by Automatic Email Manager from
2. Setup customization (3 background image size 500 X 360, in 256 colors BMP format)
Note: Live update is always disable with the option 2

UI in white branding